Sunday, 22 June 2014

Arduino Case for Prusa i3 MK2

This is a simple RAMPS 1.4 case drawn in Freecad.
The top locates a 40mm Fan.
The bottom is just open, so air and wires are free to exit.
The primary problem I was trying to solve was the RAMPS fan causing a draft across the printing bed. This does the job nicely and it protects against knocks/dust etc.
Two parts, the part which screws down with the RAMPS1.4 board to the Prusa i3. The otherpart is the simple case which hooks onto the 1st part.

After printing new plastic parts from:

The clearance between my x motor and the Arduino was not sufficient so the motor would crunch into the case with every Z axis move.

So I printed a new ArduinoMountPlate (ArduinoMountMK2.stl), this ensures that there is enough clearance between the x motor and the case. The original ArduinoCase is compatible.
I have also done away with the little legs for attaching the two parts together, these were too thin and broke, I now use the power of elastic bands! works great.

UPDATED the ArduinoCaseMK2.
I got rid of its weak little legs too.


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