Saturday, 28 November 2015

Creating a Hexcopter Iteration 2

Creating a Hexcopter Iteration 2
After the first iteration, the results of which I am really happy as a first effort. There were some things that needed to improve:
  • Less complicated central hub mechanism which does not rely on super glue to hold the Carbon Fiber arms into the Hub brackets.
  • Really wanted to get GPS and flight planning, alt hold loiter and all those nice things, all things the KK board will not do.
  • 17minute flight time was a bit on the short side and really wanted to get to over 30 minutes.
  • Redrew the central hub and instead of having the hing mechanism, replaced it with a solid 6 pronged part, including location holes for pins which would be used to hold the Ø16mm Arms.
  • After checking round the 3DR APM flight computers looked like a good value purchase and I ended up buying a bundle from Banggood; APM 2.8, Power Module, GPS/Compass unit, Telemetry.
  • Batteries, replace the single 4000mah battery with 2x 5000mah batteries connected in parallel. Try and keep the center of gravity just below the rotors.

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