Saturday, 5 December 2015

Mini Quadcopter

Next project something smaller

Aim was for a smaller drone to run with my spare 4000mah S4 battery, bit odd I agree to build a quad copter around a battery.

  • So 4000mah battery.
  • Gemfan Bull Nose BN6045 Propellers 6 x 4.5
  • Spare Hobbyking KK2.1.5 flight computer.
  • Multistar Elite 2306-2150KV 'MINI MONSTER' Quad Racing Motor
  • Turnigy Multistar 30A Slim V2 ESC With BLHeli OPTO 2-6S
  • Arms 9mm Carbon Fiber tubes
  • All 3mm bolt/nuts
After the initial assembly and flight a problem emerged the 20 year old carbon tubes (originally used in kites) were still have excellent bending rigidity but their torsional strength is terrible, the first crash resulted in two of the arms cracking length wise and having no torsional strength anymore looking round the carbon vendors 9mm does not seem to be a section that is easy to get hold of, so looks like the 9mm tubes will need to be replaced with 10mm carbon with lateral wrap making its torsional strength much better. Not sure if I can drill out the frame or if its going to need to be reprinted.

Central frame from above
The battery compartment is central to the copter frame. Center of gravity is around the rotor height.

From below:
Needs to be printed with supports
Motor Ends Top:

Motor Ends Bottom:

Assembled without battery

With Battery:
Crazy wires, will need a clean up


  1. I can see that this was one interesting and fun project Can't wit to see the flight footage :) I am currently in the middle of building a Disco clone and it is much more complicated than I thought. You really packed everything nicely, but what got me thinking was the postion of your ESCs. Won't they overheat there where you placed them? Anyway, I also wanted to suggest, for those who don't have time to build or aren't that handyman gifted like you :) to check out an article talking about some great mini quads. Great for beginners and with a low price tag. You can check out the article here:

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