Saturday, 27 August 2016

Hexacopter MK3 - Updates

After some more test flights and some more crashes I have made some additional changes to the 3d printed parts.

Primarily two items:
  1.  Beefed up the Hub slightly to allow for less flex
  2. Added location rods to the end motor mounts to ensure positive lock. I had super glued the motor mounts to the arms however with the vibration they could come loose and cause havoc to the copters flying characteristics :(.

Hub Changes:

Old/New (Orange)
Running FEM analysis suggested a 20% increase in strength just by increasing the filet radius.

Motor mount changes:

Location pin through top of arm securely locks the motor mount in place.

Some pics...


Hub Modififications

After 10 hours of flying the arms started wobbling in the hub. Vibration caused the aluminum pegs to enlarge the holes in the carbon arms. New design gets rid of movement between the arm and the hub.